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The following subprojects have been imbedded into the PRIDE Study. In addition, for a number of project, approval for funding is pending.

Current subprojects

1. Physical and emotional stress conditions during gestation and the development of respiratory symptoms and asthma in childhood.

  • Systematic review: Psychological stress during pregnancy and infant respiratory disorders. [publication]
  • Validity of Web-based questionnaires to assess general health characteristics among pregnant women. [publication]
  • Course of physical and emotional stress during pregnancy. [publication]
  • Stress conditions during pregnancy and infant wheezing.
  • Stress conditions during pregnancy and the risk of childhood asthma.

2. The Pregnancy Drug Register (pREGnant): development and implementation.

  • Validity of Web-based questionnaires to assess medication use during pregnancy. [publication]
  • Medication use during pregnancy: Web-based questionnaires versus pharmacy records.
  • Blood levels of selected medications in the first trimester of pregnancy. [publication]
  • Use of Web-based questionnaires to assess perinatal outcome: a validation study. [publication]
  • Exploring linkage of a nationwide population-based registry with prospective cohort data from the PRIDE Study.

3. To treat or not to treat: depression during pregnancy and the impact on perinatal outcomes.

  • Single awakening cortisol level: a reliable estimate? [publication]
  • Associations between cortisol levels and maternal depressive symptoms during pregnancy.
  • Individual patient data meta-analysis: depression, antidepressant use, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
  • Maternal cortisol levels and adverse pregnancy outcomes: a nested case-control study.
  • Maternal depressive symptoms and antidepressant use during pregnancy and the risk of selected perinatal outcomes.

4. Effects of variations in estimated completion time and gift certificates on questionnaire response. [publication]

5. Development of a prediction model for unplanned caesarean sections.

6. Asthma medication during pregnancy; friend or foe?

  • Course of level of asthma control during pregnancy
  • Adherence to asthma medication
  • Effects of asthma medication use during pregnancy

7. The effects of occupational exposure and work-related stress on birth weight and gestational age.

8. Nutrition during pregnancy and the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.

9. Maternal preconceptional self-care.

10. Patterns of blood pressure change across pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes: development and application of big data technologies.

  • App review of blood pressure apps. [publication]
  • Development and validation of a dedicated app to collect data on blood pressure readings during pregnancy.
  • Blood pressure patterns during pregnancy and the risk of pregnancy complications.
  • Associations between blood pressure patterns during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes.
  • Blood pressure patterns during pregnancy and infant outcomes.

11. PRIDE-BIOME: feasibility study to collect stool samples.

12. Effect of maternal stress, depression, and/or anxiety on early developmental milestones.

13. Psychosocial and/or physiological stress and the risk of gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.

14. Effects of diet and vitamins B and D supplementation during pregnancy on infant growth and development.

15. Environmental and occupational exposures and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.

16. The association between periconceptional use of oral contraceptives and adverse perinatal outcomes.

17. Effectiveness of antidepressant medication in perinatal women

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